What am I investing in?

An alternative fixed income fund dedicated to providing a secured loan to Grapple. Grapple then use these funds to finance invoices issued by Australian SMEs.

What return can I expect?

The Fund aims to generate a return for Unitholders of between 7.0% p.a. and 8.50% p.a. (net of fees, losses and any contributions to the provision of bad debts).

Who can invest?

Available to Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors in Australia with a minimum investment of $20,000.

How do I access my income/investment?

Investors can request the redemption of all or a portion of their Units at any time, subject to a notice period of 60 days from the end of the month in which the application is made and will be subject to liquidity in the fund.

What about Capital Preservation?

Robust credit analysis and risk pricing, diversification, recourse against the invoice seller, maximum 90% advanced against the invoice, a target 2.00% subscribed value provision for bad debts, and an indemnity from Grapple for the first $200,000 of bad debts incurred, all contribute to the protection of your capital.

What are the Fees?

The Investment Management Fee is 0.78% per annum. The Management Fee is calculated daily and charged monthly on the principal balance of the investment in Units in the Fund.